Who We Are

                    The Anti-Trafficking Collaborative of the Bay Area (ATCBA) (formerly known as the Asian Anti-Trafficking Collaborative) is a coalition of three community-based, anti-violence and social justice organizations. The Asian Anti-Trafficking Collaborative, which comprised of Asian Pacific Islander Legal Outreach, Asian Women’s Shelter, and Narika, have long collaborated with each other since the 1980s on domestic violence and human trafficking.  Our current member organizations are Asian Pacific Islander Legal Outreach (APILO), Asian Women’s Shelter (AWS), and Mujeres Unidas y Activas (MUA).  Together we provide culturally and linguistically appropriate, comprehensive legal and social services to victims of human trafficking, regardless of gender, national origin, race, or ethnicity.


                    The goal of ATCBA is to help trafficked men, women, and children take steps that will transform them from victims to survivors of trafficking.  Trafficked persons want and deserve a fighting chance for a life that can be about the pursuit of happiness, and not about mere survival.  To advance this goal, the members of ATCBA work with each client to identify and address their most emergent needs.  ATCBA works to stabilize each client’s immigration status, help reunite them with family members in the United States, assist them with navigating multiple legal and social service systems to access benefits and preserve their rights, and help each individual gain the skills and knowledge that is crucial to enabling a self-sufficient, healthy, and stable life.


                    ATCBA has served over 350 survivors of human trafficking and continue to advocate and represent trafficked men, women, and children.  We spearheaded the passage of the first comprehensive state anti-trafficking law in the nation, established local and national protocols to advance and protect victims’ rights.  ATCBA has been recognized as one of the top three model programs in the United States.


                    Human trafficking is a reality in our own backyards and ATCBA is committed to providing comprehensive services to trafficked people.




Member organizations include:


Asian Pacific Islander Legal Outreach


Asian Women’s Shelter


Mujeres Unidas y Activas